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About Us

About Nahata Professional Academy, Indore


At Nahata Professional Academy Indore, we pioneered systematic education for CA and CS students, establishing ourselves as a leading institute in Indore.With 35+ years of commitment, we lay a strong foundation for students, ensuring they possess the knowledge and skills for career excellence.Our expert faculty members dedicate themselves to providing the best education, leaving no stone unturned in guiding students towards success. Success stories of our alumni testify to the quality education and commitment to student success at Nahata Academy Indore. Join us to experience the difference and advance your career alongside successful CA and CS professionals who have marked their presence in the industry.

CA Anil Nahata, Founder

Nahata Professional Academy

CA Anil Nahata, with an impressive 35+ years of experience in the field of Chartered Accountancy, is not just a seasoned professional but also the visionary founder of Nahata Professional Academy. His passion for teaching ignited at an early age, where he started imparting knowledge at a small table, gradually progressing to teaching at home.

Anil Nahata's journey in education evolved into a legacy in the field of Chartered Accountancy. Today, the impact of his teachings extends beyond the classroom walls. Many of his former students have become faculties and teachers in numerous prestigious institutes, contributing to the spread of knowledge and expertise.

Nahata Professional Academy, under the guidance of CA Anil Nahata, stands as a testament to his dedication to quality education in the realm of Chartered Accountancy. The academy's success is not just measured by its students' achievements but also by the influence they exert as educators, shaping the future of aspiring professionals in the field.

But he has never consider it business , he always believed and still continue with same through that teaching is his hobby and passion. 

CA Anil Nahata's unique dedication shines through as he steadfastly views teaching not as a business but as a cherished hobby and passion. Despite his extensive 35 years of experience, his commitment to education remains rooted in a genuine love for sharing knowledge rather than pursuing it as a commercial endeavor. This unwavering belief underscores his role as an educator driven by the intrinsic joy of teaching, making his contributions to the field even more commendable. 

Awards & Recognition

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