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About Nahata Professional Academy

Your Path to a Bright Future

At Nahata Academy Indore, we lead the way in systematic education for CA and CS aspirants. With a 33+year legacy, we ensure a solid foundation for students, guided by expert faculty. Join us to experience top-notch education, paving the path to a successful career in accountancy and company secretaryship.

  • Covering Class 11th, 12th, CA & CS Examination Subjects.

  • State-of-the-art classrooms for CA & CS aspirants

  • Fully-equipped gym and hostel facilities

  • Monitoring Student Progress Towards Success.


With a legacy spanning 35+ years in CA/CS courses, Nahata Professional Academy has been a constant source of inspiration. Our journey includes creating 15000+ successful CA/CS students and achieving AIR 1 Nine times 

We take pride in our 25+ years experienced faculty who contribute to the success of our students.

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Explore comprehensive courses spanning Class 11th, 12th, CA, and CS exams. Unveil key highlights of our 2-year coverage, guiding students through the academic journey. 


CA (Chartered Accountancy) 

The Chartered Accountancy (CA) course spans approximately 5 years, comprising three levels – Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. This duration includes articleship training. Graduates following the direct entry scheme can expedite the course, completing it in around 4.5 years.

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11th Commerce

In the 11th standard, Commerce students delve into subjects such as Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies. This curriculum lays the foundation for their learning, fostering an understanding of how these subjects interact and contribute to a comprehensive commerce education.

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CS (Company Secretary)

Students who have completed 10+2 (or its equivalent) in any stream (excluding Fine Arts) are eligible to register for the CS Foundation program. This provides a pathway for diverse academic backgrounds to pursue Company Secretaryship.

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12th Commerce

In the Commerce stream for Class 12, students study crucial subjects like Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Statistics, Mathematics, and Informatics Practices. These disciplines provide a comprehensive understanding of key concepts in business, finance, and economics.

Backed by Top CA & CS Leaders

35+ years of experience with dedicated and expert faculty

Real Stories, Incredible Journeys of Topper

Interview with MP Toppers Vani and Vrinda | CA Foundation | Nahata Academy | Nikhil Gokhru | CA / CS

Interview with MP Toppers Vani and Vrinda | CA Foundation | Nahata Academy | Nikhil Gokhru | CA / CS

In this captivating YouTube video, join renowned faculty, Nikhil Sir, from Nahata Professional Academy Indore as he interviews the remarkable MP Toppers, Vani and Vrinda, who secured outstanding results in the CA Foundation exams held in June 2022. Vani and Vrinda's achievements in the CA Foundation exams have placed them at the pinnacle of success, and this exclusive interview provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into their journey. As students of Nahata Professional Academy, they have been nurtured and guided by the experienced faculty, renowned for their expertise in Chartered Accountancy education. Discover the strategies, study techniques, and the unwavering dedication that propelled Vani and Vrinda to achieve their remarkable results. Through Nikhil Sir's insightful questions, they share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs during their CA Foundation preparation. From time management to tackling complex concepts, they provide invaluable tips and advice for aspiring CA Foundation students. Witness the meeting of three extraordinary talents in the field of Chartered Accountancy as Nikhil Sir, Vani, and Vrinda delve into a thought-provoking conversation that covers topics such as goal setting, exam preparation, and maintaining a balanced approach to studies. Gain inspiration from their stories of perseverance, hard work, and determination. Nahata Professional Academy Indore, known for its exceptional faculty and rigorous training, takes pride in producing such accomplished students. The academy has carved a niche for itself as a center of excellence, equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their CA Foundation exams. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the notification bell to stay updated with the latest educational content, success stories, and exam tips. Witness the transformative journey of Vani and Vrinda as they share their insights, and learn how Nahata Professional Academy Indore is shaping the future of aspiring Chartered Accountants. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable guidance and motivation from the MP Toppers themselves. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools needed to excel in your CA Foundation exams. Join us on this enlightening journey, and let Nahata Professional Academy Indore be your stepping stone to success! #Interview #MPToppers #CAFoundation #ResultsJune22 #NahataProfessionalAcademy #CharteredAccountancy #SuccessStories #Inspiration #Education #ExamPreparation #Motivation #NurturingTalents #GoalSetting #StudyTechniques #Perseverance #HardWork #Determination
Interview with AIR 2 | CA Sakshi Airen | Revealing the Secrets to Cracking CA Final Exams | NPA

Interview with AIR 2 | CA Sakshi Airen | Revealing the Secrets to Cracking CA Final Exams | NPA

In this exclusive interview, join Mr. Anil Nahata, the esteemed founder of Nahata Professional Academy, as he personally sits down with CA Sakshi Airen, an exceptional talent who has achieved remarkable success in the CA Final exams. From ranking second across India to becoming a certified Chartered Accountant, Sakshi Airen's journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring. From an early age, Sakshi exhibited outstanding academic prowess, consistently topping her class since 3rd grade. She emerged as the shining star of Nahata Professional Academy, setting a benchmark for excellence. Now, in this captivating interview, she unveils the strategies and techniques she employed to crack one of the most challenging professional exams in India. Delve into Sakshi's remarkable journey, as she shares her experiences, challenges, and triumphs throughout her CA Final preparation. Gain valuable insights into her study routine, time management, and the effective techniques she employed to conquer each subject. Discover the secrets to her exceptional performance and learn how she navigated the intricate concepts and vast syllabus of the CA Final exams. With Mr. Anil Nahata's insightful questions, Sakshi delves into the mindset required for success, the importance of discipline, and the unwavering determination that propelled her towards achieving such outstanding results. Learn how she managed stress, overcame self-doubt, and found the motivation to persevere through the rigorous preparation process. Whether you're a CA Final aspirant seeking guidance or simply fascinated by the stories of extraordinary achievers, this interview offers a wealth of inspiration, advice, and practical tips. Join Mr. Anil Nahata and CA Sakshi Airen as they embark on an enlightening conversation that will leave you motivated and equipped with the tools needed to conquer your own goals. Witness the meeting of two stalwarts in the field of Chartered Accountancy as they discuss the journey of a true champion. Get ready to be inspired by CA Sakshi Airen's incredible achievements, as she shares her invaluable insights and reveals the secrets to cracking the tough CA Final exams. Don't miss this incredible interview! Subscribe now to Nahata Professional Academy's YouTube channel and hit the notification bell to stay updated with the latest inspiring content. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey towards success! #CAFinalExams #CharteredAccountancy #SuccessStories #InspiringJourney #NahataProfessionalAcademy #CrackingTheToughExam #AchievementUnlocked #Motivation #StudyTips #TimeManagement #Discipline #Perseverance #GoalSetting #Interview #CAChampion #Inspiration #Education #CareerSuccess #ExamPreparation #MindsetMatters


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